Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Week

I made a commitment to make a quilt in a week. One week. Up until this time, I've kind of been a 1-2 quilts(not counting more arty quilts) a year kind of quilter. I recently joined a local Prayer Shawl Ministry. I volunteered to make a lap quilt. When I was asked when I could complete it, I found myself saying "I can do it by next week." As I walked out of there, I thought,"Did I just tell her that I would make a quilt (from planning to picking fabric, etc.) in A WEEK?" Anyway, I did it, but it didn't allow for blogging, or mopping, or much laundry, really.

This is the completed quilt, in part following tutorials from Crazy Mom. (Thanks!)
I made log cabin blocks and did free motion quilting. The quilting was actually fun! I've never enjoyed the quilting part before. It was around the size of 48x66.

The quilt was made for a woman in the states with terminal cancer.

Christopher, helping.

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MiraZul said...

Lindo, muitoooooo..... lindo.....
Adorei. São as cores do meu País (Brasil).

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