Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kindergarten Dress

I decided earlier in the summer that I wanted to make a dress for Ashlyn. I kept seeing these cute dresses, and decided they didn't look too hard. (I've never made a dress before.) I got the pattern from here.

Originally, I was planning for this to be a summer dress, Since school starts in less than two weeks, I decided it would be a new dress for school.  I'd kept putting it off, but as I was repairing her princess dresses yesterday, Ashlyn started looking through my fabric for her new dress. She picked out the orange fabric, and I started adding to it. By the end of the night, I'd finished the dress.

Unfortunately, it's a bit big. I had to retie the knots to pull it up. I might make another one for her to actually wear the first day. I definitely made mistakes (besides the size) which I'm not going to point out. The fabric not only came from my stash, but was all used in at least one previous project. So really, it cost me nothing but the pattern. AND, Ashlyn LOVES her new dress. She tried it on first thing this morning and declared me to be "the goodest Mommy ever!"
(It will look even better with her hair brushed and without crocs.)
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