Saturday, June 12, 2010

Star Baby

I've been eyeing these 50s looking cowboys for awhile. I thought they would be cute in a baby boy's quilt, but didn't know anyone who was really into cowboys. I finally decided that if I liked it, others who aren't into cowboys would like it, too. This quilt is for my cousin's baby boy, due next month.

I always like primary colors for baby quilts and decided maverick stars would be a great way to highlight the fabric, as well. I used a dark charcoal for the background, which I love. Stipple quilting, which I seem to use frequently. I like doing it, it's fairly quick, and makes a nice, crinkly finished product. 
And a shot of the back, with a mini star as the label.
The finished quilt is approx 48 x 60, plenty big for playing on the floor and for use well into toddlerhood.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Getting caught up on my two bees.

Dorrie's May block for Quilter bees.

These are one inch blocks, requiring ironing and precision. Oh, quite the challenge for messy me. I think it turned out nicely, too. I really love the block, but this might be too much for me to make a quilt with these blocks.

Next up was Julie's blocks for Sew Bee It.

Julie requested confetti blocks with purple, 12 1/2 to 14 1/2.

And using our own favorites for a friendship block.
Sorrel requested log cabin blocks for June of Quilter Bees.
I was only able to finish one, probably because of poor planning on my part.

All caught up until next bee month!
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