Saturday, August 22, 2009

White squares baby quilt, fabrics, and a bee

(I admit, I'm not good with quilt names.)

I had some kind of image in my head of white strips with bits of bright color in between. I started sewing strips and squares of color. It didn't quite turn out like I had planned, but I still like it.
Of course, I liked it even more after quilting and washing it. I also like that I didn't have to buy any new fabric for this quilt, except backing. All of the squares and the white were already in my stash. I had enough fabrics for the backing, too, but I wanted a solid backing for this quilt with all of the smaller pieces on the front. Scrappy binding, though.
The finished quilt is about 45 x 55.

The quilt is now for sale in my etsy shop.

I'm going a very different direction with my next quilt (another baby size.) Just the fabrics together for now.

I've been reading what others have been doing in their virtual quilting bees. I liked the idea, but never knew when any of them were getting started. I managed to sign up for one this time. I'm a bit nervous about making quilting blocks for other quilters, but pretty excited, too. You can check it out over here. These are the fabrics I have to make a block for Meagan.



I love your new quilt - it so reminds me of kite streamers! Beautifully made, and good luck with your etsy sale!


Bateau said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Angie! I love your new baby quilt. It looks so sharp hanging over that crib rail - both classic and modern, which lasts the test of time :) How will your blacks and reds be pieced for the next project?

monica said...

love love love the baby quilt!

Very sophisticated.

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