Friday, September 18, 2009

Finished blocks in the mail

First I have a block for our virtual quilting bee for Meagan. Meagan wanted squares, no larger than 3 inches. Here is my take on a block made entirely of squares.

I'm interested to see how she pulls all of the blocks together. As I suspected, I like working with someone else's plans. It pushes my ideas into other directions. Perfect timing on finishing this one, since I received fabric for next month's block in the mail today!

I also told Amanda Jean that I would make a wonky star block for her quilt(s) for Quilts of Valor. I have wanted to make quilts for this group in the past, but hadn't "gotten to it," so I'm glad that I was at least able to help out with a block.

I actually made two blocks, because I over-wonked the first block so much that it wasn't the right size. I added a bit of extra fabric to two different areas to make them the right size. It just looks like a mess. I only had just enough of the red blocks for this one block, so I couldn't just redo those parts.

I went shopping for a bit of red that wouldn't overwhelm the blue that I had. This time, I cut the blocks at 5 inches, so I could trim after making the star points. Much better.

I'm still sending both blocks, in case she doesn't end up with the right number of blocks. She can trash it if it's not needed!

1 comment:

Meagan said...

Angie, I love love love the block you made for me. Thank you so much!

(I also like the stars, but have a more personal investment in the QB block ;))

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