Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zig Zag Baby

This quilt started with an alphabet fabric. My original plan was to add more reds, a bit of white, with blue or green accents. With squares in the center and stripes around the outside. Then I saw some black and white fabrics while shopping. I bought several and totally changed the plan. I used the tutorial here, but added to it to make it a bit larger. I made extra zig zags for the back.

I LOVE the back. I like the black in between each band of color and I like that each colorway is scrappy, rather than all one print like the front. I can definitely see making the front of a quilt with these combos.
I thought I would probably follow the zig zag design for quilting, but I liked how stippling could soften the sharp angles. Again, change of plans. I really like how the quilt turned out. Hopefully, the baby's parents do, too. The finished quilt is approximately 44x56.
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