Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Maggie Quilt

I finished this quilt back in July for Maggie, not due until September. Her mom told me to wait and give it to her in person. While I definitely prefer to give gifts in person, I was so excited that I wanted to mail it. Anyway, Christal (baby's momma) picked out most of the fabrics with me and requested something simple and modern. With all of the fabrics, I wasn't sure that I liked the quilt at first, but once I started putting more together, I loved it. It is very bright and feminine.
I used a row of blocks in between a simpler pink for the back, and made a scrappy binding. And, I realize now that I didn't take a photo of the quilting. I quilted a curved swirl in the center of each block and then squared up the lines on the outer part of each block. Maybe not the best description. I actually quilted this one twice, because I hated the quilting the first time. I'm much happier with this quilting.

And giving it to Christal.
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The Dunns said...

What an adorably chic quilt! I almost wish I was having another baby so I could order a quilt from you. On second thought, maybe I just order quilts for my boys and stop thinking about more babies. :)

Diane said...

This is beautiful!

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