Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Quilts, looking back and forward

1. first improv quilt, 2. another improv quilt, 3. 25jan09 (20)a, 4. Couch Quilt, 5. Pizza Quilt, 6. Picnic quilt, 7. Squares in squares baby quilt, front, 8. white crib, 9. butterfly, 10. squares1, 11. Zig Zag Baby, front, 12. Dancing squares baby quilt, front, 13. Doll quilt in pink and yellow, front, 14. Hannah's tshirts, 15. Grandma Vicki's quilt

This was a HUGE amount of quilting for me, especially since I didn't do any quilting for about 4 months due to moving. I also made a few other Christmas gifts and decorations for house, too. I had fun, but sometimes felt overwhelmed with the amount of quilting I brought on myself. Most of these quilts were gifts, though I did make a couple for our use as well. I did try to sell a few on etsy, but I didn't enjoy making those as well and was not successful either. I am ok with this.

In this new year, I already have a long list of quilts I want to make. If someone tells me some news, I am probably thinking "I wonder what type of quilt I can make them. Or, do I have time to make another quilt?" I want to make a few quilts for charity, give away several to friends/family, but I would also like to make some for myself. Not as a thought for a bed, but just a quilt that I want to make and explore without thoughts for whether someone else will like it. I may try to do this in mini quilt size to start.

I really intended this blog to not just be about quilting, but that seems to be all I've done artistically this year. I take photos constantly, mostly of my children. I would like to continue to improve in my photo taking (definitely in my photos of quilts.) I do want to get back to drawing and painting this year, but that will have to wait until we get the rest of our stuff in storage (where all of my supplies are.)

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Frogdancer said...

This is really impressive. Found you through Flikr.

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