Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Quilt

I started quilting in 1998. My first quilts were art quilts, as much paintings as quilts. And, most definitely, made for the wall. I decided I wanted to make a quilt that was utilitarian. My brother had just graduated from college and was moving to North Dakota for graduate school. I decided that he was the perfect candidate for my first quilt. I wanted something simple and warm. A friend suggested that I use two layers of double loft batting, so that it was more like a comforter. (It was quilted by a longarm quilter, too.)

My brother has used this on his bed ever since. Recently, there were a few holes and the binding was completely coming off. So, I started repairing it. Let me tell you, this quilt is so different than how I quilt now. (Two layers of double loft batting?) I guess I would use the same colors again, but that's about it. It is really heavy. I talked to my brother about it, and he says that's why he likes it, it's warm.

Ranger approves of the quilt.

JoAnn's has kona cotton solids 50% off. I stocked up today. I love the plumish color on the bottom.

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I am sure your brother will treasure it for a long time. I had to laugh because I noticed the "Underwear do's and Don'ts " book holding the corner down. Funny. Have you ever used cotton batting? I know the old quilts are made with them and I like how they lay. Todd has always used polyester batting and I don't like it as much to cover with. Kimberly

Heidi said...

I love his quilt. Can't imagine how puffy it is though. But considering that I grew up in North Dakota.. I bet it was exactly what he needed to stay warm.

Angie said...

Actually Kimberly, I always use cotton batting now. I don't like the polyester at ALL now. I don't think I even knew about cotton then? I was truly self taught. I think I read one book that didn't go into much detail. I forgot that you'd told me that Todd quilts.

And Heidi, he now lives in Wyoming, so he's still cold! It isn't even puffy so much as super heavy.

Anonymous said...

Ranger licks his butt and eats his own poop. Why would you let him lay on your wonderful brothers quilt?

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