Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quilts of 2010

14 quilts for the year, mostly baby sized. (one not pictured, two backs are included in this mosaic.) I'm actually pretty surprised with how much I've accomplished this year in quilting. For this year, I had hoped to make a few quilts for charity (which only turned out to be one, but I did donate a couple that I made last year) make quilts for family and friends (check,) and make a few smaller quilts for myself (nope.) The idea of making them for myself was to try out new ideas, though, which I think I still accomplished with what I did make.

My creation

I was also a part of two different quilting bees this year. Both were a fun experience, but it's not something I am going to continue doing for now. Apparently, I didn't upload all of my blocks to flickr. I'm missing a few blocks, anyway.

Happy 2011, everyone!


Leslie said...

you have made beautiful projects this of your blocks inspired me to make a whole quilt. It is the gray and scrappy block in the 4ht row down.

Valerie said...

I am crazy impressed with how much you churned out in 2010, especially knowing what a busy gal you are!

Nichole said...

that wavy quilt on the top is fantastic! i love the colors and the pattern!

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