Sunday, August 14, 2011

HST quilt

 I started this quilt at the TMQG "rapture" retreat in May. I finished last month, but waited to share until after I had gifted it. I loved the idea of small half square triangles with large areas of solid. Two inch half square triangles are actually VERY small, so it ended up being more work just to make those triangles.

 Of course, silly me, I made too many HSTs, so I had plenty left over from the back. I think I also have enough left for a doll quilt, so that might be happening soon.

I had planned to quilt fully in straight line quilting. I created the first bit of straight line quilting, then tried adding straight lines in between. It was a MESS. I redid it and pulled at things and tried again. Tons of mistakes, bubbles, overlapped lines, etc. I decided that stippling was much more forgiving. After I added the stippling, I actually decided that I liked it better than I would have with all of the straight lines. The straight lines I used really popped in between the stippling.

And, here's a close-up.

I believe the finished size was about 50x70, a couch sized quilt.


Valerie said...

Despite your frustrations, it turned out AWESOME. And I would keel over from happiness if someone gifted me with something that amazing!

Lisa said...

i loved the quilting on this's beautiful..lucky friends.

Miriam Paternoster said...

Hi Angie! Your work is really marvelous!

Sandy said...

Wow,I really like what you did with the HST quilt. Great job. Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, it lead me to your blog.

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