Friday, August 5, 2011

Recent Sewing

I have been working on a couple of quilts. One is a gift that I will wait to share, and the other is making me want to stab my own eyes, though I have been plugging away at it. It is making me remember why I don't make many queen size quilts-I get bored LONG before they are finished. Baby or couch sized quilts are perfect for me. So, I wanted to do some other projects, just to avoid the work that I should be doing :) I made the above bag using this tutorial from Made by Rae. It came together really cute, but it was the first bag I've ever made, and I didn't use the right interfacing with my quilting cotton. It is far too floppy, so I will probably leave it hanging in my art room. I will use the tutorial again, though. It's really cute and only uses two fat quarters (seriously.)

I wanted to make a bag for my sister's birthday, so this time I bought a pattern from Made by Rae. I used light interfacing on both fabrics, and like the weight of it much more than the first one. I would recommend this pattern as well.

I've been wanting to make a pillowcase dress for Ashlyn for awhile. I used this tutorial with fabric from my stash. The dress is REALLY big, but, of course, I didn't try it on her until I was totally finished. I could make it shorter easily, but would have to make major adjustments to make it smaller around. At first, Ashlyn liked it, but she then decided that it wasn't made from enough fabrics. Basically, she wanted a dress pretty much like the one I made her last year.

I had already planned on using a peasant dress pattern from Little Lizard King. This was the same place I bought the pdf pattern for the apron knot dress. They were both very easy to follow. I had planned on using different fabrics, but when Ashlyn talked about wanting more than two fabrics, I headed to my stash for the rest of this Mendocino fabric. I plan to add a sash to it (and maybe a pocket,) but she wanted to wear it as soon as I made it (highest compliment.)

And, is it just me or does my little girl look awfully grown up in this photo? 

TMQG sewing day tomorrow. Now to decide if I should work on my queen sized quilt, start a baby quilt, or make myself one of the two skirts I want to have before school starts.


Valerie said...

Well, check you out! I had no idea you'd been so busy BEFORE our sewing day! :) That Mendocino dress is crazy adorable. Crazy ADORABLE.

Lisa said...

She does look adorable in the dress...I love both of them great job and I love the purses I may have to make the one with fat quarters. I don't like making large quilts takes too long to finish..

Ullan tilkut said...

I love them!

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